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NV Manzanilla Fina Miraflores Baja, Bodegas de la Riva

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"The NV Manzanilla Fina Miraflores Baja is sourced from Bodegas del Río, an "almacenista" (a sort of wholesaler that focuses on maturation of young wines) used mainly by La Gitana and Lustau. Located in Sanlúcar, very close to the sea/river, Bodegas del Río has their own vineyards and produces their wines from their vines in the vineyard Casilla Verde in the Pago Miraflores Baja. It's a classical Manzanilla fermented in stainless steel and then put in old casks (De La Riva has signed an agreement to control a number of casks). This is a young and very Sanlúcar Manzanilla, with the sapidity going to the front of the mouth. It has the diesel-like touch and the spicy and ash-like notes, with the sharp palate of Miraflores with no bitterness in the back of the palate: it stays at the front of the mouth, the tip of the tongue."  Luis Gutierrez, The Wine Advocate

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