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With summer on its way, and the nights getting longer – and warmer – why stick to white or rosé wine when chilled red wine is not only possible but a summer must-try! Gonzalo talks us through how to choose, and what are the hottest of the cool reds this summer!

We’ve all eagerly uncorked our picnic rosés and stocked up on zesty whites to see us through the long, hot summer evenings, but there’s so much more to finding the perfect wine for the sunny season, and it can absolutely be darker in your glass! Let’s explore why chilled red wine is at the top of our list this summer at The Wine Rooms…


First things first: tannins
Tannins are the compounds in red wine that give it that bold structure and mouthfeel. On a hot day, that comforting by-the-fire chewiness of Amarone doesn't quite land the same way, but in chilling red wine down, we make the tannins less soluble, which means they won't bind with the proteins in your saliva as much, so you get to enjoy all the refreshing, fruity notes of the wine without feeling weighed down. The alcohol is less noticeable too – almost never a bad thing!

Choose wisely
Much in an Orwellian way, all chilled reds are quaffable, but some are more quaffable than others when it comes to chilling – so don’t be tempted to just throw any old thing in the fridge! Chilling red wine generally brings out the acidity and fruitiness, and certain grapes can offer a range of fruity and herbal notes, too, that are just perfect for summer sipping. 

Think red berries, cherries, and herbs like thyme or rosemary. Crunchy País from Chile, a Nerello Mascalese from the smoky slopes of Mt.Etna, or for an even more refreshing experience, a chilled red from a cooler climate, like a light-bodied Oregon Pinot Noir, or a chilled Loire Valley Cabernet Franc – all of which able to boast bright fruit flavours like cranberry or pomegranate, without compromising complexity and depth.

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